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SharpReading Workshops

SharpReading Workshops

A Chance to Find Out what SharpReading is all About

Our workshops provide an intensive day of learning and practice. We will listen to what you have to say about your reading issues and then present you with our points of difference to the other reading programmes out there. Our goal is for you to come away, not with your head buzzing with a whole lot of 'interesting ideas', but with something extremely simple and practical which you can make a start on the very next day.
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 "The Junior Classroom" NE - Yr 2
SharpReading Stages 1-2 (with a preview of Stage 3)
This workshop is aimed at meeting the needs of beginning readers (the early school years) who need the explicit teaching and guided practice of decoding strategies to achieve decoding fluency. Our '5 Bits' routine provides you with the structure you need to get through that daily text in the 10 minutes you have with each group. The students love the routine and feel secure. You will have students in Year 2 who have reached decoding fluency so we will also provide you with a preview of the next stage which launches comprehension.

"The Senior Classroom" Yrs 2-8
SharpReading Stage 3 (with a preview of Stages 4 and 5)
For readers who have developed some fluency with decoding now is the time to learn how to dig into text to construct meaning and think critically. This is the starting point for Comprehension Strategy Instruction. Rather than tackle the "comprehension Smorgasbord" with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, we provide you our tried and proven developmental progression that habitualises the mental strategies the good reader needs to process text.

 "Advanced Comprehension" Yrs 3-8
SharpReading Stages 4 and 5 
(Stage 3 is a prerequisite for this workshop)

Once students (and the teacher) are fluent with Stage 3 they are ready to move on to Stage 4 - additional strategies for 'Constructing Meaning' and then adding the 'Critical Thinking' strategies of Stage 5.


 SevenPLUS for the Struggling Older Reader Yrs 3-8
This workshop is specifically designed for those older students who 'get stuck' on decoding - they haven't yet developed the decoding fluency they need to become confident readers. We start with an 8 week intervention "SevenPLUS" (a collaboration with Chuck Marriott) to get students over the hump, and then introduce the "5 Bits" routine from SharpReading Stage 2, which provides a transition back into mainstream guided reading. This approach has been extensively trialled and produces great results. 
Feedback from recent workshops

"I love your philosophy of making this simple and manageable and able to be implemented without fuss. Love all the easy to use support forms, the whole SharpReading system - I can do it without hours of planning. You have done all the hard work and I get to do the fun stuff with the kids."
Anna-Maria Williams  RT Lit Christchurch East

"This approach solves the issues I have with time - never enough time to get done what I want to get done. A lot less planning, a lot less teacher talk. It all benefits the children."
Paulette Lambert - Teacher, Western Australia

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